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Egg and Sperm Donation

We represent intended parents and donors in gamete donation agreements, in agency-facilitated as well as private arrangements.  The agreement covers topics such as confidentiality, disclosure to the child, reimbursements, and more.  California law recognizes the various ways that families are created with the use of assisted reproductive technology, and a robust agreement is vital to protect the rights and expectations of all parties.

Key considerations:

  1. What will be the disposition of untransferred embryos after all treatment cycles have been completed? (options include discard, donation for medical research, and donation to others for the purpose of conception)

  2. Will the donor and parent(s) be in contact to exchange medical information in the future?

  3. Have all parties completed psychological interviews?

  4. Will the child be told about the donation at an appropriate age?

  5. Is the donor open to direct contact with the child in the future?

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