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Embryo Donation

We represent embryo donors and recipients in agreements to transfer ownership of embryos in both known and anonymous arrangements.  Because of the genetic link between the children, embryo donation carries additional considerations.  The embryo donation agreement provides an opportunity for these complexities to be discussed and addressed according to the mutual agreement of the parties.

Key considerations:

  1. Have both parties completed psychological interviews to address short term and long term issues?

  2. Will the parties maintain future contact to exchange relevant medical information?

  3. Will donors be informed of a resulting birth?

  4. Will biological siblings have the possibility of direct contact?

  5. Will recipients assume payment of the balance of cryopreservation fees due?

  6. Disposition of untransferred (extra) embryos after recipients have completed all treatment cycles?  What are the terms for possible re-donation of the embryos?

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