Gestational Surrogacy Step-by-step

Gestational Surrogacy Step-by-step

An outline of the process, from beginning to baby.

Selecting an Ovum Donor

Selecting an Ovum Donor

A list of criteria to consider in making your decision.

Common Questions: Ovum Donation

Common Questions: Ovum Donation

Learn the basics, from roles of the agency to the elements of the legal agreement.

Using a Family Member as a Surrogate

Using a Family Member as a Surrogate

Weighing the benefits against potential difficulties.

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Informational Articles

The processes of surrogacy, ovum donation, and embryo donation can be confusing and overwhelming.  These articles, written by Shelley M. Tarnoff, MFT, Esq. or a colleague in the field, offer information to help you understand key aspects and guide you through the process.

Selecting An Ovum Donor

Including a third party in family building efforts requires an adjustment, and selecting the “right donor” may be a daunting task.

Using A Family Member As A Surrogate

When a family member offers to serve as your surrogate, it may seem like a dream come true. However, the closeness of the family relationship can lead to other areas of difficulty. 

Ten Things to Consider When Selecting Your Gestational Carrier

1.  Positive Interactions – Many challenges may be faced during the surrogacy process.  It’s important for the parties to communicate well with each other and have a mutual feeling of goodwill....

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Gestational Surrogacy Step-by-step


An outline of the entire process, from screening to contract to hospital plan.

Common Questions: Ovum Donation

What is the role of the agency?

What is the role of the lawyer?

What are the arguments in favor of disclosing the fact of the ovum donation to resulting children?

When Things Go Wrong: Pregnancy Termination In Surrogacy

After saving enough money, researching medical clinics and agencies, and meeting the woman who has offered to help you, it is time to bring in the lawyers to work out the details of a surrogacy agreement...